Friday, 18 November 2016

Basics of Communication

Basics of Communication

  • Misunderstood- The conveyor who delivers the information correctly, but you can understand that knowledge not clearly then it is difficult to communicate as you cannot understand what the conveyor wants you to get.
  • Not listening properly- While you are listening to someone, then your focus will let you get information properly but if you missed some information, it means you are not a good listener.

  • Not paying attention- The non-serious people will not able to improve their communication because they don’t want to get that knowledge which leads to a bad communicator.  Presence of mind- the presence of mind means you are willing to learn but besides that a second thought is interrupting you, due to which you are not present in the class mentally.
Concept of 7C’s :
The following 7’Cs help you to speak English with fluency.
  • Clear- You delivery of words should be clear and concise so that the receiver will get your message properly.
  • Candid- The information should be to the point
  • Complete- Make sure that you are delivering your message properly and it should be delivered completely.
  • Concrete- Make sure the information details should be covered properly.
  • Correct- Whatever information you want to deliver
  • Courteous- you should give information properly, honestly and concise.
  • Coherent- The information should be logical otherwise nobody takes interest to communicate with you.
How to improve the communication skills?
  • Listen carefully- Be a good listener so that you should be familiar with all the information to be delivered
  • Pay attention- Be serious while you are listening someone
  • Pronounce the words clearly- Your pronunciation should be proper so that it will be easy for the listener to understand easily.
  • Listen till the information is completed- Be there until you will get the information completely.

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