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Writing Tips

Writing Tips

As you are writing some article or any type of essay, use the simple Language so that, it will be easy to understand that particular essay or article. The writing module consists of many rules and regulation which can be followed while writing any document in English.
  1. Use native language
  2. Practice plain and clear sentences
  3. Write well-structured paragraphs
  4. You may practice subordinate clauses but keep them short
  5. Prefer active voice to passive voice
  6. Avoid slang language

Writing Tips
The sentences you make should be clear and simple. Make sentence by including the subject, verb, and even a compliment.
For example:    
  • He want to tell his story
  • He is lying

When you want to write a paragraph, keep in mind the following:
  1. Focus on one main point per section.
  2. Compile this point in the first section of the paragraph.
  3. Make use of the supporting sentences.
  4. In the last sentence, you need to conclude about the paragraph,  you were writing.

To write the paragraph, use the following format:
  1. There should be the proper title for your draft.
  2. Then give the introduction about the topic you have chosen.
  3. Then write the description of the chosen topic.
  4. At the end, don't forget to conclude about the topic.
  5. Present your texts interesting.
  6. Change the spaces of your sentences.
  7. Use a compact sentence to put stress on important comments.
  8. Modify the portions of your sections and dodge one-sentence paragraphs.

There are many possibilities on how to edifice your texts, e.g.:

General to Precise: The general description followed by details and examples.
Particular to General: parts and examples followed by a generalization:

Process writing
Follow the steps while writing any of the document. The steps are:
  1. Collecting the data.
  2. After collecting the data, organize it in a proper way.
  3. Then make your draft in a precise way.

Type of texts
  1. Detailed
  2. Contentious
  3. Reports

These are some of the rules you need to follow while writing any document in English. So, Learn English to improve your writing and speaking skills by joining the English Speaking course in Chandigarh provided by the CBitss Technologies.


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