Saturday, 6 May 2017

How to be Fluent In English

How to be Fluent In English

English is not a rocket science that you won’t be able to launch. But yes! It is a language used globally and considered as a second language in almost every country present on this globe. And I think it is important to be an English speaker.

So, here we can share something with you to help you to create interest in speaking English fluently.

Be Confident: When you have decided to be a good speaker, then why to hesitate. Whatever you listen, whatever you read, try and speak. Speak it louder in front of the people who can correct you.

Daily Practice: As you must have heard, “Practice makes the man Perfect”. This is not just a simple phrase, says a lot. If you want to be fluent in speaking English, you just have to make sure that you make it a habit to practice doing it every day.

Make some rigid rules: There are people, who can speak only one language very well and that not because they already know that language, That is because they are surrounded by the people who are speaking that language. So, that means to make yourself surrounded by the people who can help you speaking English or make some rules for yourself and your friends to speak in English.

Listen to English Music: Everyone loves music and it is easier to learn. Right?
So listing English songs with lyrics will help you a lot. That would give you a feeling of knowing the language very well.

Listen. Read.Write.Speak: This is the best policy to be a fluent speaker.
Whatever you listen, listen to it carefully and try to apply it while speaking.
Make it a habit of reading something every day in order to build your sentence making power.
Whenever you think something, think in English and try to write it and speak it.

Learn a new word Every day: Read newspaper, magazine or book and learn new words every day and try to make sentences out of it and use them in your daily conversation.

Don’t Focus much on Grammar: Grammar is important to learn correct English, but when you start speaking, you never start reading or writing first, you always start listening and then speaking. So follow the rule, listen to the correct matter and try to speak.

Do not Give-up: Don’t give up on what on what you have started. If you have wanted to lead the path, you have to be on that path. So don’t think of difficulties or barriers, concentrate on your goal and you will definitely win.

There is no shortcut to success, but there is a source which can make your path easier than ever. Here we have an English Speaking Course in Chandigarh or you, to make you amazingly fluent in English.


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