Wednesday, 16 November 2016

How to choose the best Topic for Speech in English.

English is the language which is easy to learn only if one can put their efforts to learn the English language. It is very important to speak English as it will help you to develop your personality and also helps the youngsters to crack the interview. So, join English Speaking Course in Chandigarh to learn English effectively.
In today’s world, everyone is aware of the importance of the English language. English speaking is common among the people but at the time where someone has to give a speech before audience they face two problems one is they don’t know how to speak in English and the second one is that on which topic they will speak. So here we discuss how to choose the topic for the speech.
So to choose any topic, focus on the three things as follows:

  • Your knowledge about the topic you have to speak
  • Choose the topic according to the kind of audience gathered there.
  • The interesting facts you have related to the topic.

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By following these things, you can make your speech attractive and by keeping in view about the audience obviously you can choose the topic according to the audience.  

Some of the Interesting topics you can choose are:
  • Facebook stops the people from face to face conversation
  • People are used to the social media which affects the Real-time relationships.
  • How to balancing the use of social media and follow the real-time relationships
These topics are always useful for the audience and the audience took interest in your speech.
Some points to be considered while preparing the speech:
  • Already know about the topic
  • The time of the speech
  • The fact and the twists you are putting in the speech like humor, informative, persuasive etc.
You can also find some interesting topics from the
  1. Newspapers                                             
  2. Magazines
  3. News sites
  4. Bulletin boards
  5. From your family and friends.
After choosing the topic, you are ready for your speech but before delivering your speech.
  1. You should take care about your vocal.
  2. You should give the pause wherever it is necessary and also when you are talking about two things, give some pause there.
  3. Your pitch should neither be high nor be low, make balance throughout your speech.


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