Saturday, 15 April 2017



What to do my English is very bad  ?... How to improve my English ?... How to communicate in English effectively and many other question pop in our mind when we struck in the middle of a conversation and here finally comes the ultimate question how to begin the journey of learning grammatically correct English. In order to improve  English one should make English your hobby and have fun! .Learn English through other activities:

Reading  - Reading is a very good way to improve English. Reading books or any novel will make you fall in love with reading and when you develop the habit of reading say reading an English article it will gradually help you to become good speaker as well.  

Internet - The internet is the need of the hour and it is also a good source of knowledge and on the top of it whole, the knowledgeable stuff is free of cost.

Listening English songs - Music an inseparable part of our life. take your favorite song download the lyric and sing it, again and again,  it really helps!
Watch  English Movies - Watching English movies with subtitles in your own native  language  it can  help to learn English
Magazines - Magazines are also a good source pick up any magazines of your interest There are specialized magazines for English students.

Talk to people - As we all are social animal try to do communicate in English. Practice it with your parents, siblings, friends and if you find it will not work then take help of  English teacher.  It is difficult to practice English alone as there is no one who will correct you when you are wrong. Remember It is very important that you make mistakes it is the only way to grow and prosper.

Learning English is your responsibility and not the responsibility of your teacher. You must take initiative in your classes! The teacher cannot study or speak on your behalf. Learning is an ongoing process which should be done on regular basis. If you practice on a regular basis one day you will also say that “learning English is not that tough”.


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